ORAS Demo Code Giveaway!


I got a spare Demo code! Like and reblog and I will pick someone in a hour. I will ask the winner for their email so I can send it privately but good luck and don’t forget to follow me!

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Giveaway: ORAS Demo Code


So I forgot that I had another account at pokemon.com, and today was the October Newsletetter that had a code in it (each one different) to download the demo of ORAS and I got two! I don’t need one and I’m not letting it go to waste, so here!


  • You don’t have to be following me, but it’s nice if you are
  • Reblog/like this

that’s literally it. If you win, I’ll send you a message congratulating you and the demo code! Good luck!

Deadline is 10/22/14, 11:55 PM.

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he’s so done he could go on for days

Q: Who’s the most childish member? → Jin





Request "what about story about chen and baekhyun predebut? They on the way home the day before the day SM announce who will debut. Both of them thought only one will chosen so they promise the other one will still encourage the chosen one. In the end they debuting together"

Happy birthday chenchen♪

neighborhood heartbreakers dorks

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6/ chenbaek moments || 90:2014 Ep.5

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kim jongin; forever scared of everything and anything

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suho ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ
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After the countless times you've taken care of your members 
Now is the time to take care of yourself with rest
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